We know many South Australians want to make healthier choices for themselves and their families, but cannot find healthy choices on kid’s menus. The Healthy Kids Menu initiative works with restaurants, cafés, hotels and clubs, to increase the availability of great tasting, healthy food and drink options for children.

What can you do to encourage venues to offer a Healthy Kids Menu?

  • CHOOSE to eat at participating venues.
  • RETURN to eat at participating venues.
  • ASK venues for healthy options.
  • ENCOURAGE kids to pick the healthy items.
  • SELECT healthy choices for your own meal.
  • TELL the restaurant or café whether you enjoyed their healthy options.
  • SHARE your experience with friends and family.

Tips for healthy eating with kids

Do you find it a struggle to eat out with kids and encourage healthy choices?

Download our Healthy Kids Menu colouring sheet.

For more information about what healthy eating means and looks like and for tips for supporting your child to eat well, visit the eating well section of the Wellbeing SA website .